November 17, 2014

Officer Injured Arresting a Hallucinating Suspect

It started like many other calls for service of this nature.  The dispatcher reports a suspicious person acting out in the 100 block of Walnut Ave.   The type of call you can go to a dozen times on any given shift. 

When our officer arrived, he encounters Mr. Chase Desjardin acting out and clearly under the influence of something.  Mr. Desjardin is 21 years old and hails from Scotts Valley. 
The challenge for the officer arriving on scene is to figure out what the substance is and try to safely take him into custody.  As backup arrives, it is time to take action.  In this kind of case, the situation can go sideways at any juncture.  The problem is, when suspects are under the influence, normal techniques don’t work, and they can display unusual strength. 

In this case, Mr. Desjardin decided to fight with the officers because, as he reported, he was “seeing ghosts”.  It took several officers to finally get Mr. Desjardin safely into custody and into the back of the police car. 

In the course of the fight a 4 year veteran officer was injured.  Initially, it was thought his ankle was broken, but the latest x-rays are telling us it is a serious sprain.  He will be off work while he recovers from the injury. 

Mr. Desjardin was taken to the hospital for observation while he detoxed from whatever he was on.  He was eventually booked into jail.    

So far this year, we have had 187 cases of suspects Resisting Arrest.  While those cases usually result in some bumps and bruises to the officers, this year we have had 15 officers get medical treatment and miss work because of injuries received from a suspect fighting with them.  Those injuries range from concussions, sprains, tears, and breaks to stab wounds. 

Just goes to show; no call is ever routine!  Here is wishing our officer a speedy recovery.