December 25, 2014

Dayshift Plays Santa and Surprises Victim of a Bike Theft

It all started back on December 20th with a “routine” report of a stolen bicycle.  What Officer Brent Northrup learned was that this case was anything but “routine”. 

The victim in this case was a Branciforte Middle School student, Justa Ferguson.  She earned the bicycle from the school for her good grades.  A thief had taken her hard-earned bike from the family’s porch.   Just like that….her reward was stolen from her. 

Officer Northrup circulated a picture of the stolen bicycle to our entire department, in hopes someone might see the bike.  The next day at their shift briefing, the team talked about this theft.  During that briefing…..the mission was hatched. 

During their briefing, the team discussed their outrage.  That’s when Officer Carly Cross put that outrage into action and formed a plan with Officer Wendy Ramm and Brent Northrup.  The team was going to surprise Justa with a new bicycle and deliver it Christmas morning.   

Carly reached out to Mom to make the arrangements.  Over their days off, the plan was put into full swing. 

Officer Northrup drove to the Walmart in Sacramento on the promise they had the bike.  They didn’t; but not to be deterred, Brent found the bike at the West Sacramento store. 

Christmas morning, the entire dayshift team saddled up and headed out.    

The family was treated to a full police parade welcome complete with lights……and the surprise of a new bike complete with a bike light, bell and lock for Justa. 
Officer Northrup makes one last check of the bike

The excitement builds
Merry Christmas Justa
The team also brought gifts for her two younger brothers.  The Police Officer’s Association got wind of this plan, and sponsored all the costs for the bike, supplies and gifts for the family. 

The team was so excited to get to do this.  They commented on how it was great to be a part of something so special for this family. 
We, of course, are so proud that we have officers that bring this level of care to the community in addition to the job they do every day.   Remember these great officers as they are working through Christmas day away from their families to keep our community safe.  
 Merry Christmas to Justa and her family