December 29, 2014

New Year's Eve Safety Plans in Full Swing Here at SCPD

The Santa Cruz Police Department will be deploying all available officers to ensure a safe environment for New Year’s Eve 2014 - 2015.   This is one of those "All Hands On Deck" nights here at SCPD.  That's right, while you are reveling, we will be working to keep a lid on any "over-celebrating" and keep things safe. 

We will have additional officers on patrol throughout the Downtown corridor as well as the remainder of the city.  Assisting us with ancillary duties will be a small compliment of First Alarm security officers. 

As a reminder, the Police Department has enacted a Safety Enhancement Zone in the Downtown corridor throughout the evening and early morning hours.  The Safety Enhancement Zone will begin at 5:00 PM on December 31st and end at 5:00 AM on January 1st.   The Safety Enhancement Zone allows for a “Triple Fine” to be levied on certain Municipal Code violations, such as possession of alcoholic beverages in public and other behavior related Ordinances.

We want everyone who comes downtown to have a safe and enjoyable evening.  Leave the disrespectful attitudes and behavior at home.  If you are creating a problem, we will have plenty of officers there to make sure you don't ruin someone else's night.  Do yourself a favor....just don't do it.  The fine amount alone isn't worth it!

Certain road closures and Tow Away zones will also be in effect.  The following will be the road closures and Tow Away zones. 

Knight Street
8:00 AM December 31st
2:00 AM January 1st

North Pacific

Between River St and Water St
10:30 PM December 31st
12:45 AM January 1st

Bulkhead Street
10:30 PM December 31st
12:45 AM January 1st

Water Street

Between River St and Center St
10:30 PM December 31st
12:45 AM January 1st

Tow Away & No Parking

Front Street

Between Water St and River St
10:30 PM December 31st
12:45 AM January 1st

1500 Block Pacific Avenue

Between Locust St and Water St
10:30 PM December 31st
12:45 AM January 1st

Attached is a map of those closures and Safety Enhancement Zone boundaries.  This year, we stepped it up a bit and made an interactive Google map.  You can check it out here:

If that doesnt work, here is a basic of the Safety Enhancement Zone boundaries. 

Parks & Rec is hosting their yearly countdown at the Town Clock, starting around 11:40 PM.  This includes a DJ, and light show to ring in the New Year.  
Have a Safe Night and a Happy New Year!!