May 19, 2015

Santa Cruz Police Officer Recognized for Lifesaving Efforts

Today, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors honored the amazing work of emergency responders including, Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics and Dispatchers in our county.

We are proud to announce that Santa Cruz Police Officer Jesse Pidcock was one of the first responders recognized for his lifesaving efforts.

In April 2014, William Curtis collapsed while riding his bike on West Cliff.  As the call came out over the radio, Officer Pidcock responded and was the first to arrive.  Officer Pidcock quickly assessed Mr. Curtis’ condition and began CPR.  He continued with CPR until Firefighters and Paramedics arrived.  Thanks to Officer Pidcock’s quick thinking and decisive action, Mr. Curtis is alive and well today.

Officer Pidcock’s response illustrates the commitment of first responders to be well-trained and ready for whatever comes next in their daily assignments.  

For all the first responders recognized in today’s ceremony, SCPD salutes you.  It takes a special kind of dedication to public service to do what you do. 
Thank you to the Board of Supervisors for today’s recognition.  The Santa Cruz Police Department is proud of Officer Jesse Pidcock and we are so pleased Mr. Curtis was able to join us in today’s ceremony.