June 29, 2015

Chief "Protect and Swerve" Vogel recognized by Santa Cruz Derby Girls with his own Derby name

This past Saturday night, Chief Vogel and members of the Santa Cruz Police Department were invited to attend the Santa Cruz Derby Girls championship bout at the Civic Auditorium.  The SCPD Team performed the traditional equipment inspection before the bout began, which included the SCPD team running a few of the girls through some field sobriety tests.  The Chief blew the whistle for the opening Jam and he had his own Derby name bestowed upon him by Chonji, skater and Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls.  Whenever the Chief puts on his skates, he will forever be known as "Protect and Swerve."

Photo credit for the following digital images goes to Tim Cattera of Tim Cattera Photography.

Chief Vogel, along with Chonji, shows off his new Derby name and jersey

Officers Cathrein, Heebner, Burnham and Sgt. Eveleth 

 Officer Heebner performs pre-bout equipment inspection

 Officers Heebner and Hoppe inspecting the Derby Girls

 Officer Cathrein performs a field sobriety test

 Officer Burnham administers a breathalyzer test

Santa Cruz is fortunate to have this diverse, hard-working, grass roots organization providing sports entertainment to our community and empowering women of all ages through the sport of roller derby.

Santa Cruz is a special place and unique community, exemplified through the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, where your very own neighbors, teachers, lawyers, and executives, train to play a hard hitting, full-contact sport on skates, and give back to our community through their volunteerism and support of our local non-profits.

On behalf of the Santa Cruz Police Department, we would like to say thank you for all that the Santa Cruz Derby Girls bring to our fine City.