June 2, 2015

Thank You Santa Cruz School Crossing Guards

Please join us in a big thank you to our Santa Cruz School Crossing Guards for keeping our children safe in crosswalks this school year. Every morning and every afternoon on school days, our Crossing Guards are posted on busy school crosswalks making sure children and families cross the street and get to school safe and sound.
The school year ends on Thursday June 11th. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Crossing Guard team, we have enjoyed an incident free school year.

Before school is out …when you see our School Crossing Guards, please give them a wave or thumbs up to show your appreciation and support for the work they do.
Santa Cruz City Crossing Guards brave the elements be it chilling rain, the blazing sun or distracted drivers during the school year. The Santa Cruz Police Department has 10 Crossing Guards posted at 4 elementary school sites.

This is Sandi Sand. She is adored by many Delaveaga Elementary students and families. Sandi just retired her post at Prospect Heights and Morrissey.
Here is Jerry Cacace in action near Bayview Elementary. You will find him posted at the intersection of Bay and Seaside Streets. Jerry is a dedicated professional to all who pass through his crossing station.
“Our jobs are vital to the safety, not only for school children, but anyone on foot and all traffic passing through those intersections. The bonus is the reward in seeing the smiles on people's faces and knowing they can walk or bike safely to and from school” said Mr. Cacace
The Santa Cruz Police Department and Santa Cruz families rely on all of our Crossing Guards every school day. Thank you to all our Crossing Guards. We very much appreciate your good work.

Take a picture to recognize your favorite Crossing Guard and post it on our Facebook page.