July 7, 2015

JULY 4th 2015 Overview Stats

Throughout the 4th of July weekend, the Santa Cruz Police Department provided 100% full-staffing for proactive and preventative enforcement of the citywide Safety Enhancement Zone. This 4th of July holiday brought large crowds to the Main Beach and throughout the City of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Police responded to 591 calls for service in the 24 hour period of July 4th. The overwhelming majority of service calls were related to illegal fireworks possession and alcohol related violations.
All available personnel were in service and used by the police department. In addition, First Alarm Security Guards were hired to assist with road closures and security patrols in the Seabright and Westside Neighborhoods.

The following is a statistical overview of calls for service and enforcement in the City of Santa Cruz during the 24 hour period from 7/4 to 7/5/2015. This year’s crowd was comparable to previous years in Santa Cruz. Overall, the stats show an increase in calls for service, arrests and citations compared to last year.

SCPD responded to 591 calls for service within a 24 period. 18% increase over 2014.
Number of reports taken: 39

1 Felony Arrests
- Subject was punched and lost consciousness outside Seabright Brewery.

27 Misdemeanor Arrests- 44% increase over 2014. Most misdemeanor arrests were for being drunk in public. Several of these intoxication arrests initiated from fight and disturbance related incidents.

79 Muni Code and Traffic citations – 23% increase over 2014. Majority of citations were for open container.

59 Triple Fine Citations- 90% increase over 2014. The triple fine citations were mostly alcohol and fireworks related. 16 of the fireworks citation netted an estimated 60lbs of firework products were confiscated.

131 Total infraction citations- 101% increase over reported 2014 numbers.

The Main Beach and West Cliff Drive were significantly impacted with higher incidents of violations than any other area in the City of Santa Cruz. The large crowds on Main Beach made it difficult to patrol via ATV during portions on the afternoon. Foot patrol officers trekked over 9 miles each during the day as measured by their Fitbit.

The stats above are for 24 hour period from 7/4 to 7/5 but keep in mind, the holiday weekend starts on Friday 7/3 for many locals and visitors. Consider Friday July 3rd, SCPD responded to over 370 calls for service, completed 45 reports, made 17 arrests and issued 34 citations on Friday alone.

Some of the fireworks confiscated over the 4th of July weekend.