July 14, 2015

SCPD Together with Involved Community Stops Crime

Incident #1
Hit & Run Leads to Stolen Loaded Rifle & Credit Cards

On Saturday, 7/11/2015, around 6:00pm, Santa Cruz Police Department responded to the report of a vehicle collision in the area of Delaware St. and Fair St. A red Ford Focus struck the driver side of a white Volvo XC80 and fled the scene.

Although the initial report claimed major injuries occurred, it was determined there were no injured victims at the scene.

While in route, Santa Cruz Police Officers located two of the vehicles described in the collision in the area of California Street at Trescony Street. The investigation showed that the red Ford Focus fled the collision scene.

The driver of the Volvo continued to follow the Ford Focus until both cars stopped in the area of California St and Trescony St. The driver of the red Ford Focus was identified as Gilberto Uribe, 20 years old, a Santa Cruz resident.

 In addition to being the suspect hit and run driver, several witnesses reported that they saw Uribe get out of the car with black backpack and throw it over a nearby fence. Officers on the scene found the backpack with a loaded rifle inside. It was later determined that the rifle was stolen out of Santa Clara County. Mr. Uribe was also found in possession of stolen credit cards from a theft that occurred in Santa Cruz earlier in the day.

Uribe told officers that he fled the collision scene because he believed he was being followed and someone was trying to shoot him.

Mr. Uribe was arrested for several felony charges related to being in possession of a stolen and loaded firearm and violating his probation. His charges also included DUI drugs and hit &run. Uribe also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Case#15S-05986

Incident #2
Alert neighbor calls SCPD to stop burglar.

Over the weekend a proactive neighbor called in to report a suspicious person open and enter an unlocked front door of a home in the 100 block of Sycamore Street.

Suspect burglar Isaias Martinez, 26 years old from Santa Cruz came out the apartment a few minutes later carrying jewelry.

The alert neighbor called 9-1-1 and was able to provide a strong detailed description of the suspect.

Responding officers were quickly on the scene and located Mr. Martinez with multiple items of stolen property in his possession.

Isaias Martinez was arrested for residential burglary. Case#15S-05978

Thanks to an alert citizen watching out for their neighborhood.