August 20, 2015

Local Photographer Captures Snapshot of SCPD’s Good Work

Thank you Tarmo for Note & Photo!

On Tuesday August 18th, at approximately 9:30am, a Santa Cruz Police Officer responded to a call in the area of Soquel Avenue and Park Way for a welfare check on a suspected intoxicated woman lying on the ground. While in route to the location, Dispatch advised that another citizen had called to report a disturbance at the same location. This caller/ witness reported hearing calls for help and went to assist the woman. The victim, a women described that a man standing nearby had harassed her, rummaged through her belongings and took some items.

The suspect man, later identified as Nolan West, age 24 from Lompico CA, was agitated, shirtless and pacing erratically near a bus stop on a high traffic street. When questioned by the officer, Mr. West responses were incoherent and he began to demonstrate increasingly violent behaviors. West continued to refuse and/or could not make sense of the request to be detained.

Out of concern for Mr. West and the public’s safety, additional officers responded and assisted with the arrest of the Nolan West for 211 PC; Robbery and 148(a) PC; Resisting Arrest.  Due to the suspects resistance with Officers, The Wrap was utilized during this incident. The WRAP is a safety restraint, designed to protect subjects, officers and staff by reducing the possibility of injury. The WRAP is designed to restrain a person in a more comfortable seated upright position.

Tarmo Hannula - Photographer with the Registar Pajaronian happened to be nearby the scene as it unfolded. This is the message and photo shown above that we received from him. “ These officers were up against a violently out of control man (most likely methed out?) this morning at Soquel Ave. at Park Way. He fought every inch of the way following some form of attempted robbery of a female (I think). Though his resistance was fierce, smashing his head on the sidewalk, etc., the officers remained calm, telling him to relax, that they were trying to help him, not hurt him. It appeared nothing but professional to me, right in the middle of a very volatile situation. Quite scary! From my point of view it seemed like these officers handled this extremely well. The officer at the left did an outstanding job of verbally working this guy down, using smart and effective language to defuse things. The man was safely put into an ambulance. Thought you'd like to know. Tarmo”

Thank you Tarmo for recognizing SCPD's efforts and for taking the time to send us the note and photo. This is an everyday snapshot example of the good work SCPD officers do.