December 29, 2015

Prowlers of All Varieties Found Around Town

Here are a couple of cases of varying types of prowlers caught out and about town on December 29th.  

Case #1
Around 3:00 am on 12/29/15 Tuesday morning, a home surveillance camera on the upper Westside caught this 2 legged prowler casing and checking car doors in the neighborhood.

Check out the 4 legged prowler that walked past the same camera just a few minutes earlier.
Call 911 to report suspicious prowlers human or otherwise. SCPD reminds you to double check that your car doors are locked and keep valuables out of sight. Also, keep your pets in at night. Car Prowl Prevention Tips on SCPD Blog

Case #2 - Neighbor Calls 911, SCPD Arrest Prowler
On Tuesday, 12/29/15 at about 9:00 am, an alert neighbor called 9-1-1 after seeing a suspect prowler loitering around the neighbor's house on Fair Ave. SCPD located the suspect in the front yard of the house and detained Michael Salazar on suspicion of prowling.

Michael Salazar
The investigation revealed that the suspect had been wandering around the driveway, side gate and front porch of the residence. The suspect prowler had taken items off the front porch off the unoccupied home without the knowledge or permission of the owner.
SCPD arrested the suspect, 45 year old of Michael Salazar, transient Santa Cruz into jail for prowling. Salazar also had in his possession drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine. 

Thanks to an alert neighbor who saw Mr. Salazar prowling around his neighbors home where he had no business being and called 911. SCPD credits the reporting party for not only recognizing suspicious behavior, but also for calling 9-1-1. The timely call, coupled with a quick response from our officers, led directly to this arrest.