December 21, 2015

SCPD Patrol Officers Arrest Parolee with a firearm, drugs and burglary tools.

On Friday 12/18/15 at about 10:15 am, Santa Cruz Police Officers followed up on a tip about a suspicious car with a driver in possession of a firearm. The tip contained a vague vehicle description and partial license plate. An alert SCPD Officer located a white Nissan Altima car near Bellevue Street and Seaside Street. A team of SCPD Officers contacted Mr. James Smith who was seen in and around the car. James Smith was out on parole and he is the registered owner of the car.
James Smith, 22, from Santa Cruz was found in possession of a large bindle of heroin and a digital scale in his pants pocket.
Officers also located an unloaded .22 caliber ATI handgun in his car. In the back seat of the car Officers located a magazine for the gun and additional ammo.
In a further search of the car, SCPD officers located numerous burglary tools including bolt cutters, torch, air bag car door opener, and flashlights.

In addition to the gun, drugs, narcotic sales paraphernalia and burglary tools; SCPD Officers also found other property that does not belong to Mr. Smith. Officers are working to determine if those items were stolen. 

James Smith was taken into custody without incident. Mr. Smith was booked into jail for possession of a firearm, possession of narcotics for sale, possession of burglary tools and parole violation.
The Santa Cruz Police Department continues to encourage residents to be partners in public safety. Anyone with information regarding suspicious or criminal activity is encouraged to contact the Santa Cruz Police Department.