January 7, 2016

El Nino storm brings large waves to the shoreline.

El Niño-enhanced storms will continue to bring more beneficial rain along with hazards such as a high surf advisory and coastal flooding.
Lighthouse Point - Thursday January 7th
This morning, large swells were battering shorelines up and down Northern California. Wave heights of 13 to 17 feet have lead to a high-surf warning and a coastal-flood watch for much of the Bay Area coastline.

Even though El Nino is easing up, the ocean and shoreline can be dangerous. Every year, SCPD and Fire Rescue crews respond for individuals unexpectedly swept off the cliffs into the frigid ocean waters.  Oftentimes these have a tragic ending. 

West Cliff Drive - Thursday January 7th
Waves are powerful and can be unpredictable.  Even for people who are sightseeing and think they are safely up on a low cliff can be splashed and thoroughly soaked, or even swept off the cliff. Rocky areas are very slippery and even a small wave can cause you to loose your footing.  The signs and fences along West Cliff Drive are there for good reason.  Don't be the next victim. 

Never turn your back on the ocean.
Stay well back from where waves are breaking.
Supervise children all the time.

The huge swells prompted the National Weather Service - Santa Cruz officials to issue a high-surf warning and coastal-flood watch for much of the Bay Area coastline. 

During El Nino storm season there is the possibility of strong and dangerous rip currents as well as minor coastal flooding. There is also the possibility of sneak waves, which are much larger waves that wash up the coastline without warning.