March 21, 2016

SCPD Arrest Two Suspects for Drugs & Stolen Property -Thanks to Alert Citizen!

On Friday 3/18/16, at approximately 10:05 am, an alert citizen called 911 to report a suspicious person sitting in a white Mazda Miata in the 200 block of First Street. The concerned citizen suspected drug activity was occurring when two women approached the car and made a “hand to hand” transaction. One of the women in the suspected drug interaction was described as wearing hospital scrubs.
Tilden Ball, 31 years old, transient from Santa Cruz 
Responding SCPD Officers arrived and contacted the occupant in the car, Tilden Ball. Mr. Ball who was sitting in the driver’s seat said that the car belonged to friend. He claimed to be waiting for her return. As it turns out, Tilden Ball, 31 years old, transient from Santa Cruz had a parole hold warrant for his arrest. Tilden Ball had multiple knives and methamphetamine on his person when SCPD Officers detained him.

Photo of some of the  drugs, drug paraphernalia, and suspected stolen credit cards including an embosser machine used to alter credit/debit cards.
SCPD Officers searched the car and located 100’s of syringes, drug paraphernalia, checks, credit cards, gift cards and other stolen or forged property. Officers also discovered an embosser machine used to alter and manufacturer credit cards in the car.
Elizabeth Escamilla, 30 years old from Watsonville 
While SCPD Officers were searching the car, Elizabeth Escamilla approached them and stated the Mazda Miata was her car. Elizabeth Escamilla, 30 years old from Watsonville was wearing hospital scrubs that matched the description given in the initial report to the police. SCPD Officers found in the car numerous articles of evidence that link together Tilden Ball and Elizabeth Escamilla. 
A large amount of suspected stolen property including mail, passports, drivers licenses, checks, credit/debit cards, credit card making devices, drugs, and drug paraphernalia were located and collected from the car. SCPD Detectives are currently working on sorting through the evidence to identify a number of victims.

Tilden Ball and Elizabeth Escamilla were arrested for multiple charges including a parole hold, forgery, fraud, possession of stolen property, possession of narcotics, paraphernalia and conspiracy to commit a crime. Ms. Escamilla's car was impounded.

Thank you to the alert citizen for watching out for their neighborhood & calling 911.

The Santa Cruz Police Department continues to encourage residents to be partners in public safety. Anyone with information regarding criminal activity is encouraged to contact the Santa Cruz Police Department at (831) 420-5820 or Anonymous Tip Line (831) 420-5995.