March 8, 2016

SCPD Crisis Negotiators talks distressed man from jumping off East Cliff Trestle

Photo Credit: John F. Hunter
On Monday at approximately 3:30 PM, Officers were dispatched to the East Cliff Trestle for a suicidal person who climbed atop the trestle bridge structure. In addition to the on-duty patrol team, SCPD utilized officers that are part of our Crisis Negotiation Team to interact with the person atop the structure. Meanwhile Fire Department teams were at the ready, both on the bridge and in the water.

Photo Credit: Santa Cruz Police Dept
SCPD Crisis Negotiators spent approx. 30 minutes in negotiation before the person agreed to climb down from the trestle. He was safely secured and brought to the Behavioral Health Unit for observation and evaluation.

Thanks to the great work by our patrol and Crisis Negotiation Teams, we were able to bring this risky situation to a successful conclusion without anyone being injured.

SCPD maintains a fully capable Crisis Negotiation Team to deal with emergency situations of individuals in crisis, as well as hostage taking situations. SCPD Crisis Negotiators have hundreds of hours of specialized training for just such an occasion. Being on the team is an additional duty outside of their regular duty assignment.

Thank you John F. Hunter for recognizing SCPD's efforts and for taking the time to send us the photo. This is a real example of the good work SCPD Officers do.