April 1, 2016

Theft From a Parked Car in Broad Daylight – Suspect Arrested

Great teamwork by SCPD Officers and Detectives results in the arrest of a repeat theft suspect.

On March 24, 2016 a car was broken into on the second floor of the two story parking lot at Cedar and Church Streets.  The suspect took several items, including a handgun, legally stored in a lock box inside the trunk.  The theft happened brazenly in broad daylight with many people passing-by, on foot and in cars.

The theft was captured on video here:

Watch as the suspect enters the screen from the right and gets into the gold sedan.  After rifling through the interior, he pops open the trunk and takes more items.  He closes the trunk and casually walks away.   The video has been edited to shorten the viewing time.  The actual elapsed time is about 3 minutes. 

An image of the suspect was captured on another video camera shown here:
Officer Chris Galli downloaded the image and put out a BOL (Be on the Lookout) for the theft suspect.

On March 26th, Officer Caitlin McBride recognized the suspect and spotted him in the 300 block of Ocean Street.  Officer McBride contacted our suspect, Mr. Nathan Dickerson, 23 years old from Santa Cruz and took the photo below.  Unfortunately, the contact with Mr. Dickerson was abbreviated as she had to break away for another higher priority call.

The information was forwarded to Detective Damon Williams who picked up the case and completed the follow up.  Detective Williams distributed a bulletin with Probable Cause to arrest Mr. Dickerson.  Mr. Dickerson was spotted by Officer Dave Albert on March 28th on Pacific Ave.  Mr. Dickerson was arrested without incident.

Mr. Dickerson no longer had the stolen firearm in his possession, and he refused to indicate what might have become of it. 

Mr. Dickerson has a long history of arrests by agencies in our County.  Since January 2015, Mr. Dickerson has been arrested 11 times.  Among the charges are theft, possession of stolen property, possession of drugs, vehicle burglary and tampering with a vehicle.

In fact, Mr. Dickerson had been arrested just 4 weeks prior to this case when he was found in possession of a wallet and prescription pills stolen from a car in the 100 block of West Cliff Drive.  Due to Prop. 47 mandates, officers had to release Mr. Dickerson after giving him a citation for the possession of stolen property.

In the current case, Mr. Dickerson was arrested for Theft, and Being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.