April 18, 2016

Vandalism Suspect Breaks Hole In Glass Door and Climbs Out

Believe it or not this video caught a vandalism suspect who broke a hole in a glass door. Watch him as he climbs out of the hole and runs away!
On Sunday 4/17/16 at approximately 11:30 pm, SCPD responded to a report from concerned citizen about a person breaking a hole through a glass door from INSIDE a store on the 400 block of Front Street. While one witness was on the phone with 911, another witness had the calm presence of mind to video the suspect’s escape through the broken glass door with a cell phone. After the suspect crawled out of the hole in the door, he ran northbound on Front Street.
Anthony Starr, 20 years old, transient from Santa Cruz
The next morning SCPD Officers found the suspect Anthony Starr, 20 years old, transient from Santa Cruz sleeping in a doorway on Soquel and Front St. Mr. Starr had several blood stains on the outside on his jacket and a fresh cut on his right hand. When Mr. Starr woke up he claimed that he had dreamed about being locked in a store and having to break glass to get out. The Officer advised him it was not a dream.

Anthony Starr was arrested for felony vandalism.