October 5, 2016

Help SCPD Identify TWO Suspect Bike Thieves Caught on Video

Do you recognize these two suspect bike thieves caught on video?  If so, please notify SCPD. 
SCPD YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/K1MfZO128yA
The bicycle was stolen from a locked enclosure in the 1400 block of Mission Street.  Check out this video of two suspects stealing the bicycle.  The surveillance video shows the bike theft that occurred on 9-22-16 in the 1400 block of Mission Street.

The video shows suspect #1:  A white male adult; approximately 5'11'' and 180lbs; wearing a dark hat with a neon lid and "Cali" on the front and back. He climbs over and enters the enclosure and proceeds to struggle to get the bicycle over the fence.  Suspect #2 then comes on scene, and proceeds to assist suspect #1 get the bicycle over the fence.

Suspect #2 is described as a white male adult, between 25 and 35 years of age, approximately 5'9'' tall, 170lbs, blond hair, and wearing a green ball cap with a feather in it and gray T-shirt.   He has a goatee beard approximately 3" long.

The stolen bicycle is a blue Town & Country 3 speed, men's style cruiser.  SCPD would like to get this bike back to the rightful owner. The bike was the victims transportation to and from work.

Anyone with information about either suspect’s identity or the location of the bike is encouraged to contact SCPD (831) 420-5820. Anonymous Tip Line (831) 420-5995 or http://www.cityofsantacruz.com/departments/police/how-do-i/leave-a-crime-tip/report-a-crime-tip

SCPD recovers hundreds of bikes, but since many aren't registered by serial number, the police have no way to track down the owners. Help improve the chances of your bicycle being returned by registering it with SCPD’s Online Bicycle Registration program. It’s FREE! 

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The Santa Cruz Police Department continues to encourage residents to be partners in public safety. Anyone with information regarding criminal activity is encouraged to contact the Santa Cruz Police Department at (831) 420-5820 or Anonymous Tip Line (831) 420-5995.