November 27, 2016

$10 Donation Gets This Cute & Cuddly K-9 Companion and Supports SCPD K-9 Unit

Perfect for holiday gift-giving!

The stuffed likeness of the adorable police dog comes complete with customized protective vests, just like our K-9 officers.

These huggable K-9’s are available for a $10 donation at the front desk of the Santa Cruz Police Department.

Proceeds from the sale of SCPD mini fluffy K-9’s help offset incidental costs associated with caring for SCPD's working K-9s.
Your tax-deductible donations will be put towards:
· Funding of replacement K-9’s
· Supplemental funding of community education
· Purchasing protective equipment
· Funding specialized K-9 schools
· Funding of medical expenses for retired K-9’s
· Defraying K-9 burial or cremation costs
· Health insurance for current K-9’s

Anyone interested in purchasing an adorable stuffed K-9 for a $10 donation, please come to the SCPD Lobby at 155 Center Street. Lobby open Monday - Thursday 9 am - 4 pm.

Thank you to local veterinarian Dave Shuman, this fundraiser originated with a generous sponsorship from Westside Animal Hospital.