November 18, 2016

SCPD Dive Team participates in cross-department training with SC Fire, City Wharf Maintenance Crew, Lifeguards and Harbor Patrol. Water Rescue Drills off the Wharf

Recap video of the action on SCPD YouTube
Santa Cruz Fire conducted water rescue drills off the Wharf this week.  SCPD ESU Dive Team is participating with multiple agencies in rescue exercises involving a vehicle off the wharf.
Training drill scenarios with every SCPD’s Dive Team member are coordinated with SC Fire, City Wharf Maintenance Crew, SC Lifeguards, State Parks and Harbor Patrol.
 “It’s very important that with all the training we do to fine tune operation ability and get our hands on the equipment and practice the different departments,” said LT. LeMoss.

“Water rescue training with a vehicle involved is especially important,” LT. LeMoss added. “Multi- agency training in rescue techniques is valuable. We will all be working together when there is a rescue attempt.”
Water rescues involving a car are a low-frequency event but require knowledge about such things as the science of ocean, proper gear and lifesaving skills for the victim and the rescue team members.

This series of Water Rescue exercises completes SCPD ESU Dive Team's 2016 training calendar. Every member on the team passed with 100% competency.