December 5, 2016

SCPD 1st Law Enforcement Agency in County to Issue Narcan to Trained Officers

On Monday December 5, 2016, the Santa Cruz Police Department became the first law enforcement agency in the county to issue Naloxone aka Narcan to trained officers.
Naloxone can be used by SCPD officers to provide emergency treatment to people who are suffering from a potential opioid overdose (i.e. heroin or opiate based pharmaceutical pills). The Santa Cruz Police Department and Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency have partnered to provide patrol officers with Naloxone (Narcan) an intranasal naloxone application.

Intranasal Naloxone Application
Training on Narcan and its use began today with a team of SCPD Officers. Officers were trained by the EMS Director, Dr. David Ghilarducci with the Santa Cruz County Health Agency on how Naloxone works, recognizing signs of opiate overdose, universal scene safety, the application of Naloxone, CPR & rescue breathing, notification of EMS, documentation, and legislation that allows law enforcement officers to use Naloxone. Santa Cruz Police Department members cross trained with the Santa Cruz Fire Department and AMR.
Santa Cruz County had 58 drug related deaths in 2015. Recognizing the seriousness of opiate use and the inherent dangers involved, a one year pilot program has been initiated by the Santa Cruz Police Department aimed at reducing opiate related injuries or death. This program is designed to provide Santa Cruz Police Officers another means to potentially save lives. Along with the deployment of Naloxone, Santa Cruz Police will be providing an outreach card to the patient in an effort to provide them with resources towards recovery.

While opiate related deaths are prevalent nationwide, a large amount of Police Agencies on the east coast are trained in the use of Naloxone. In general many law enforcement agencies within the state of California have not trained officers in the use of Naloxone. The Santa Cruz Police Department will be the first in the county of Santa Cruz to initiate this program.
The Naloxone was provided to the Santa Cruz Police Department by Janus of Santa Cruz who received the Narcan through a Substance Abuse Block Grant.
The Santa Cruz Police Department also would like to express its appreciation to “DEFIB THIS” for their donation of training equipment.