December 19, 2016

SCPD Catches Suspect Purse Snatcher Who Stole Christmas Cash

SCPD Officers returned the victim’s purse with her belongings including all her money for holiday gifts.
On Sunday December 12, 2016 at around 1:00 pm, several SCPD Officers responded to a report of a strong-arm robbery in the area of Pacific and Beach Street. Officers responded to the call within minutes. The victim, a woman, stated that her purse was stolen while she was sitting on a bus bench. The suspect robber grabbed her purse and wrestled it away from her and fled. The purse contained the victims wallet and about $250.00 in Christmas money. Fortunately, she was not physically hurt during the purse snatching.
Quick-thinking witnesses called 911 and also took several photos of the robber as he ran away.

The suspect robber was described as a Hispanic male in his 30's to 40's, 5'4" to 5'6 and of medium build. 

SCPD Officers efficiently set up a perimeter and in short order contacted the suspect robber Anthony Rodriguez, 40 years old, from Watsonville. 
Anthony Rodriguez, 30 years old from Watsonville
SCPD Officers recovered the victim’s Christmas cash hidden within Mr. Rodriguez’s pants. Helpful witnesses positively identified Mr. Rodriguez as the person who stole the victim’s purse.
Great teamwork delivers the best results! SCPD returned the Christmas money to a very sweet and grateful lady. Mr. Rodriguez was arrested and went to jail for grand theft.