January 30, 2017

The Santa Cruz Police Department Introduces Five New Employees

The Santa Cruz Police Department is happy to announce and introduce its five newest members. Officer Amanda Pedulla, Officer Taylor Trueblood, Officer Connor Bridges, Community Service Officer Jordan Guillory, and Community Service Officer Abraham Camacho began their first shift Monday.  All five are local residents who have roots within the community.  They each have a relationship with the community they will be serving and will help increase the police department's level of service.  

Allow us to introduce our five newest members of the family:

Officer Pedulla

Officer Pedulla has worked for the Santa Cruz Police Department for a little more than four years. She started at the Police Department as a Records Technician and completed this job for two years. She then served as a Community Service Officer for two years and could frequently be seen on foot patrol in our downtown.  She now begins her adventure as a Police Officer.

Officer Trueblood

Officer Trueblood grew up in the Santa Cruz area.  Officer Trueblood had worked as a security officer for the Seaside Company for the past three years.  Officer Trueblood and Officer Bridges have been friends from their youth and will now be able to work together on the beat.

Officer Bridges

Officer Bridges also grew up in the Santa Cruz area.  Officer Bridges served as a volunteer with the Police Department for six years.  He also worked for the Seaside Company as a security officer for the last four years.  Officer Bridges now has a new opportunity to serve our department and this community.

Community Service Officer Guillory

Community Service Officer Guillory has served with the Police Department in the past.  Guillory was a mentor and volunteer for our PRIDE program and helped work with at-risk youth in our community.  CSO Guillory served as a volunteer for 1 1/2 years.  CSO Guillory then worked part-time as a Records Technician for the last year and a half.  CSO Guillory is excited to start his new role with the department.

Community Service Officer Camacho

Community Service Officer Camacho also grew up locally.  He is finishing up his education at a local college as he also begins his new role as a CSO.  He is also an alumni of the Seaside Company where he served as a security officer for two years.

Officer Pedulla, Officer Trueblood, and Officer Bridges all graduated from the Police Academy on Thursday, January 26th.  The Police Academy is a 22-week program in which they learned and were tested on all aspects of law enforcement.  They will now begin an 18-week in-house training program where they will be taught by a Field Training Officer.  CSO Camacho and CSO Guillory will also start a training program where they will be trained by Field Training Officers and other senior Community Service Officers.  

Officers Pedulla, Trueblood, and Bridges were all sworn in as police officers immediately after the graduation ceremony on Thursday.  They were able to highlight the successful completion of the academy by being sworn in as officers in front of their friends and family.

We are excited for all five of our newest officers.  They are embarking on an adventure of service and will compliment the outstanding men and women who currently serve our community.  Welcome to the PD family!

The Police Department is currently recruiting and hiring for police officer positions.  There is an open recruiting enrollment occurring now that will end on February 2nd.  If you know someone who would be a great police officer, please have them call 831 420-5801 or go to:  https://goo.gl/jT5Z39