February 9, 2017

Chief Kevin Vogel Celebrates 30-Years with Santa Cruz P.D.

Today, Chief Kevin Vogel celebrates his 30th anniversary with the Santa Cruz Police Department.  Chief Vogel was hired as a police officer trainee and started the 16-week basic police academy on February 9, 1987.  He graduated the police academy in June, 1987 and was sworn in as a police officer.  He completed the department’s 12-week field training program in September, 1987 and began working as a solo police officer.  

During his tenure as a police officer, Chief Vogel served as a patrol officer, traffic officer and detective.  He was promoted to sergeant in January, 1995 where he served as a patrol supervisor, downtown supervisor and detective sergeant.  He was promoted to lieutenant in 2002, serving as a patrol watch commander and in the Community Services Section.  He was promoted to deputy chief of police in May, 2004, where he spent time as the division commander in both major divisions of the police department.  He was appointed as the City’s 21st chief of police on December 9, 2010.

Please join us in congratulating Chief Vogel as he celebrates his 30th anniversary with the Santa Cruz Police Department.