March 9, 2017

SCPD Traffic Safety Message - If you can’t clear an intersection, don’t enter it.

Raising driver safety awareness is a priority for the Santa Cruz Police Department. By implementing traffic enforcement initiatives, offering tips on sharing the road, and participating in regional programs, the SCPD is improving safety on the streets for walkers, bicyclists and drivers.
If you can’t clear an intersection, don’t enter it.
The Santa Cruz Police Department Traffic Unit reminds drivers not to enter an intersection until you are sure you can make it all the way through. Wait behind the limit line, not in the crosswalk, and look to see if the vehicles in front of you on the other side of the intersection have left enough room for you to make it through without blocking or stopping in the crosswalk on the other side. This is a chronic problem with increased summer traffic, and our traffic guys do watch for this!

Blocking traffic in this way means that you have entered an intersection when cars on the other side are preventing you from making it all the way through. Per California Vehicle Code section 22526, this is illegal. If your signal light cycles to red before you can get completely through the intersection, you’re blocking cross traffic from moving forward and preventing mobility in crosswalks and bike lanes. This creates an unsafe situation and commonly results in aggressive driving behaviors by other motorists. This can lead to multiple violations such as blocking a crosswalk, failing to yield to pedestrians, bicycles or other motorists. The fine amount for a violation of 22526VC is $285.00.