May 5, 2017

SCPD Uses Lego & Video Q & A to Connect with Community at City Hall To You - Community Builds Public Safety Lego Bar Graph - SCPD Priorities!

At last night's City Hall to You event, SCPD asked attendees what’s your #1 Public Safety Concern in your neighborhood?

THANK YOU to all who participated asked questions and held conversations. SCPD Chiefs and Officers spoke face to face with community members discussing solutions and strategies to address problem issues in the area West of the River.
The attendees built this Lego bar graph showing their biggest concerns regarding their neighborhood.

Theft and Nuisance Crimes topped the charts as the most primary concern amongst participants, followed by Drug Use/Sales. Traffic/Speeding and Illegal Camping were only slightly less important than the other two categories and finished with an equal number of bricks.
The Community and SCPD share the same Public Safety priorities.

SCPD also offered the opportunity to "Ask The Police A Question" on camera. We recorded the questions and are in the process of putting answers to video.
SCPD will share these community members questions with answers from officers in future posts.