June 25, 2017

Dynamic Teamwork SCFD, SCPD & SCSO Leads to Return Of Stolen Property And Arrest!

On Saturday, June 24, 2017, Santa Cruz Police, Santa Cruz Fire, and Santa Cruz Sheriffs combined forces to make an arrest and return approximately $5,000 worth of stolen property to Tepui Tents.
It all began with a Santa Cruz Firefighter who observed a trio of suspicious individuals with brand new camping gear that did not appear to belong to them. This firefighter recognized the high-end outdoor clothing and products. The sharp-eyed firefighter took the above photo and called SCPD. That unique brand of equipment came from a Tepui Tents store in Soquel that reported two burglaries in the last week.

The suspicious circumstance promptly relayed to SCPD set into motion an investigation that led to an arrest and returned property. Santa Cruz Police responded and detained the three suspects. Information gathered from the suspects at the scene led officers to contact a fourth suspect who had sold them the gear.

The fourth subject possessed even more of the stolen goods. Since the burglary initially occurred in the Santa Cruz Sheriff's jurisdiction, the quick-thinking SCPD officers contacted SCSO and the owner of the store to identify the stolen merchandise.
Teamwork resulted in the owner getting over $5,000 of stolen merchandise returned. Working together brings tangible benefits to our community. #SantaCruzFire #SantaCruzCountySheriff #SantaCruzPolice
SCPD arrested and booked John Thompson, 39, from Santa Cruz, for felony possession of stolen property. California's receiving stolen property law, Penal Code 496, makes it a crime to buy, receive, conceal, sell, or withhold from the owner, any property that they know has been stolen.

The Santa Cruz Police Department continues to encourage community members to be partners in public safety. Please continue to contact SCPD when suspicious activity occurs in your neighborhood. Call 9-1-1, Anonymous Tip Line (831) 420-5995 or send us a tip online.