June 27, 2017

Traffic Safety Tips for Pacific Avenue Contraflow Bike Lane Drivers, Cyclists & Pedestrians

The City of Santa Cruz Traffic Engineering completed the Pacific Avenue Contraflow Bike Lane. The contraflow bike lane on Pacific Avenue creates a two-way street for bikes, but one-way for motor vehicles.

Today at the ribbon cutting celebration, SCPD Officer Gomez presented the following tips to keep you and other road users safe when you drive, bike or walk. 
Contraflow Lane: Do's and Don’ts for Drivers, Cyclists & Pedestrians available on SCPD YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/pkOKjQ-_lGo
Safety Tips listed below.

• Always ride in the same direction as the bike lane or markings
• Yield to pedestrians.
• Stop at all stop signs.
• Do not block sidewalks.
• Approach intersections cautiously, and assume that turning vehicles do not see you.
• Use lights and reflectors at night to ensure you are visible.
• Choose conspicuously-colored or reflective clothing.
• Before leaving the contra-flow lane, signal and yield to vehicles already in transit.
• Watch out for passengers’ doors.
• Stay on the street. Riding on the sidewalk is illegal in commercial areas.

• Expect bicyclists traveling in both directions.
• Do not travel in the green bicycle lane.
• Make sure the lane is clear of bicycle traffic before crossing the lane to enter or exit a parking space
• Drive as if it was a normal two-way street.
• Watch ahead for turning cyclists, and make left turns with care.
• Always use your turn signals. If you don’t signal your turns, bicyclists can’t anticipate them.
• Warn your passengers to check ahead for cyclists before opening car doors.
• When crossing Pacific Avenue on foot use the crosswalks and look for vehicles and bicycles traveling in both directions.
• Do not enter the roadway from between parked cars.
• When entering the roadway, yield to all traffic that is close enough to constitute a hazard.

For more information on the Pacific Avenue Contraflow Bike Lane: