July 12, 2017

This Week's Cases Of Interest 7/7- 7/11/17

This week has been full of surprises, including the shark bite. Here are four cases of interest SCPD responded to in the past few days.

Juvenile in Possession of Loaded Revolver
About 3:35 PM on Friday, July 7, 2017, the SCPD Neighborhood Enforcement Team patrol came upon three teenage males in the wooded area near the 300 block of La Fonda Avenue. As officers approached the trio, the handle of a handgun became visible in one of the subject's front pants pocket. Officers quickly detained all three and conducted a pat frisk, leading to the recovery of a loaded revolver.
The 17-year-old male, from Santa Cruz, was charged with possession of a loaded firearm by a minor, narcotics for sale and being under the influence of a controlled substance. SCPD arrested another 17-year-old in the trio for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct while under the influence of drugs.

Serial Trash Can Arson Suspect Arrested
On Friday 7/7/17, SCPD responded to Pacific Avenue for the fourth reported trash can on fire of the evening. Starting at 10:34 PM, Santa Cruz Fire responded to three trash can fires in the downtown area. When SCFD responded to the 3rd trash can fire on the corner of Pacific Avenue and Walnut Avenue, firefighters saw the flames in the garbage bin at 1300 Pacific Avenue and called SCPD.

Timeline of events:
1st - Soquel/Front Street Garage, reported at 10:34 pm
2nd - Pacific Ave @ Cooper Street, reported at 10:42 pm
3rd- Pacific Ave @ Walnut Avenue, reported at 10:47 pm
4th - 1300 block of Pacific Avenue, seen by SCFD while responding to fire #3

Community members stepped up and gave officers descriptions of the suspect seen causing the fire. From the detailed descriptions, SCPD Officer Cathrein recalled Ryan Dougherty as a possible suspect based on his previous contacts downtown.
Ryan Dougherty, 37 years old from Santa Cruz
Patrol officers immediately began their search and found Mr. Dougherty, 37 years old, from Santa Cruz in the area of Elm Street and Pacific Avenue. A witness also came forward and identified Mr. Dougherty as the suspect for the arson in a garbage can on Pacific Avenue. Officers booked Ryan Dougherty into jail for arson and probation violation.

DUI Solo Vehicle Rollover
On Sunday 7/6/17 at approximately 6:40 PM, SCPD Officers responded to the upper east side for a rollover collision. A dark colored Hyundai drove off Branciforte Drive near Cool Creek Trail.

Jonathan Pintor, 25 years old from Santa Cruz
The driver, Jonathan Pintor, 25 years old, from Santa Cruz skidded off of the shoulder of Branciforte Drive, rolled three times, and down onto Cool Creek Trail. The car came to rest on its roof.

The driver and two passengers crawled out of the front passenger's side window. The passengers stated they were uninjured. After a medical assessment, Mr. Pintor was booked him into jail for DUI and driving with a suspended license for a DUI.

Two Arrested in Assault and Robbery
On Tuesday 7/11/17 at, approximately, 7:00 PM, the entire patrol team responded to Chestnut Street and Neary Lagoon for a robbery and stabbing that just occurred. The victim, a 25-year-old male, reported he was stabbed and robbed by two acquaintances. The suspects Darren Cocroft, 27 years old, and Frederick Stanley, 34 years old, were in the company of the victim.

Frederick Stanley, 34 years old from Santa Cruz
The victim claims Mr. Stanley pulled a dagger and held it to his throat. The suspects threatened to kill him if he did not hand over his money. The suspects then attacked the victim. The victim sustained a cut to his hand deflecting the knife during the struggle. The suspects took $500 cash from the victim and fled.

In quick order Sgt. Crofts found and detained the primary suspect Fred Stanley, who possessed the stolen cash. Through hard driving investigation, the officers found the discarded knife and had a bead on the second suspect. It was only a matter of time before SCPD Officers caught up with him. The suspect, Darren Cocroft, eventually came down to the station.

Darren Cocroft, 27 years old from Santa Cruz
SCPD arrested both Mr. Cocroft and Mr. Stanley for robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime and assault with a deadly weapon.

Great Hustle and Good Work SCPD Patrol Team

The Santa Cruz Police Department continues to encourage community members to be partners in public safety. Please continue to contact SCPD when suspicious activity occurs in your neighborhood. Call 9-1-1, Anonymous Tip Line (831) 420-5995 or send us a tip online.