March 19, 2018

Keeping Santa Cruz Safe: SCPD Officers Successfully Deescalate Incident - Arrest Man With Gun Who Threatened Juvenile

On Saturday, March 17th, 2018 at 3:15 pm, Santa Cruz Police Officers responded the 800 block of Pacific Avenue regarding a male adult who flashed a gun at a juvenile. The suspect threatened the juvenile with a firearm stating that he would “blow his brains out.” The subject was described as a white male adult with a blonde beard and wearing a multi-colored shirt. He was reportedly last seen walking on Pacific Avenue towards Maple Street.
Officer Badeo and Sergeant Azua immediately located the subject on Maple Street. When the officers approached, the suspect quickly turned away from the officers and reached for the suspected gun in the waistband area of his pants. The responding officers un-holstered their department-issued firearms and gave commands for the man to stop. The subject, later identified as Jeffrey Greer, 28 years old, from Boulder Creek, pulled out a black pistol from his waistband.
Jeffrey Greer, 28 years old, from Boulder Creek

Initially, Mr. Greer did not comply with the multiple orders from the officers to drop the gun. Eventually, officers were able to de-escalate Mr. Greer’s stance. He complied, dropped the gun and surrendered. The black pistol that Mr. Greer had in his possession turned out to be a BB gun/Airsoft gun replicated in the make and model of Smith and Wesson M&P.

Said Police Chief Andrew Mills, “ I commend my officers for their restraint and patience during incidents like this. I can’t applaud these officers enough for their use of training, judgment, and teamwork to deescalate this potentially life-threatening situation.”

Santa Cruz Police placed Jeffrey Greer into custody for these listed charges; criminal threat with intent to terrorize, alteration and display of an imitation firearm in public and committing a felony while released on bail.