July 2, 2018

Santa Cruz Police Host Crisis Intervention: What Would You Do? Training - Free To Public on Thursday, July 12th Pre- register email: cjones@cityofsantacruz.com

De-Escalation Preparedness Training For Civilians
Crisis Intervention: What Would You Do?
Free Seminar on Thursday, July 12th
The Santa Cruz Police Department hosts a free de-escalation preparedness presentation, titled Crisis Intervention: What Would You Do on Thursday, July 12th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.  Ask yourself, what would, could or should you do when a person in crisis or mental distress crosses your path? The training emphasizes the importance of situational awareness, de-escalation, and self-protection in real-world crisis scenarios related to workplace and community interactions. The seminar is open to the public. The location of this presentation is the Santa Cruz Police Community Room, 155 Center Street.

"Unfortunately, we see the threat of agitated individuals in businesses, on the streets and in schools becoming more prevalent," said Chief Andrew Mills. "Being prepared, knowing how to respond, and understanding the signs of a potential threat of violence before an incident occurs is now a necessity.”

The Santa Cruz Police Department offers a free presentation to the public titled, The Crisis Intervention: What Would You Do?  Designed to educate and empower attendees with information to help them recognize, prepare for, and respond to a person in crisis to de-escalate the incident. The seminar is free and open to the public – but pre-registration is required. To register, email: cjones@cityofsantacruz.com

Participants learn through various crisis situations, the effects of fear-induced stress on the mind and body, how to choose the correct response, and tips on how to prevent an incident from happening. “The response methodology we teach can be utilized in any situation and is a simple, straightforward approach that is easy to understand,” stated Lieutenant Christian Le Moss, who will conduct the presentation.
Santa Cruz Police Department is very proactive in training our City employees, school district staff, private schools, places of worship and businesses in our community for workplace violence and active shooter scenarios. We now offer this crisis intervention training to our residents. July 12th is the first of several opportunities for community members to attend the Crisis Intervention: What Would You Do?.

Santa Cruz Police Presents: De-Escalation Preparedness Training For Civilians
Crisis Intervention: What Would You Do?
Thursday, July 12th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Seminar free and open to the public - Pre-registration is required. 
About The Presenters: SCPD Lieutenant Christian Le Moss and Sergeant Carter Jones are certified instructors in defensive tactics, trained in de-escalation techniques and communication skills necessary for dealing with people in a mental health crisis. They provide workplace violence training and active shooter preparedness training to citizens, businesses, First Responders and Law Enforcement.