July 11, 2011

Get to Know Police Spokesman Zach Friend!

While you may know Santa Cruz Police Spokesman Zach Friend as the voice of the PD, we also know him as our crime analyst. As the spokesman, Zach is responsible for interfacing with the media, public, governmental and neighboring agencies on all issues pertaining to the department. As the crime analyst, Zach utilizes statistics to help model and efficiently allocate patrol resources. Additionally, he manages multi-million dollar grant and budget issues for the PD. We sat down to ask him a few questions so you could get to know him better!

Word on the street is that you play in a band, since you're a music person what are 5 artists on you iPod?

Zach Friend: I like to listen to my music on shuffle – I figure the more random the better. So the five last artists that were played on my iPod? In order of play…

Miles Davis, Snoop Dogg, Rocket from the Crypt, The Temptations, Mighty Clouds of Joy 

What is the best part about working for SCPD?

Zach Friend: Without question the best part about working for SCPD are the dedicated people that work here. Every day I come to work and see people committed to making our community a better place; it is a calling to many that work here and it's easy to come to a place where there is that dedication to public service.

On to TV and Film. Favorites?

Zach Friend: Well, my favorite TV shows are easy: West Wing and Magnum PI (I mean who WOULDN’T want to have that guy's life?). Movies? I am a classic movie fan – Casablanca being my favorite and anything by Woody Allen

Giants or A's? 49ers or Raiders? Why?

Zach Friend: I’m from San Diego so I must say I’m an avid Padres and Chargers fan. But not to worry, the Giants and Niners have championship trophies…we just have “next season.” I admit that each "next season" I believe will be "the season." But we DO have one thing in common… Beat LA! 

Back to the local info. Favorite restaurants, grocery stores?

Zach Friend: I try to shop local when possible - including hitting the farmer's markets. For grocery stores I can be found at Shopper's Corner, Deluxe Foods and New Leaf. Restaurants? Have you eaten at Lillian's? That place is outstanding. And Avanti? Love it. For Mexican food, Manuel's is the place.

Lastly, a little more about your background. Where did you go to school? What other jobs have you held?

Zach Friend: I did my undergraduate study here at UC Santa Cruz and received my Masters from Georgetown University. I also have a Certificate in Financial Planning from Columbia University. I've held a lot of different jobs, from delivering cars at Toyota and working at a radio station to working at the White House and in Congress. But I've been with the City of Santa Cruz for nearly 9 years and enjoy the hands-on nature of local government.