August 2, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Police Administration

Today we take you behind the scenes of the police department's smallest section: Administration. Consisting of six employees, the Administration Section constitutes everything from hiring and professional standards to crime analysis and public information. Under the section (and overseen by the Deputy Chief of Administration) are the Investigations and Records function. However, the section itself specifically holds:

  • The office of the Chief of Police (Kevin Vogel)
  • The Deputy Chief of Police for Administration (Rick Martinez)
  • The Sergeant of Professional Standards (sometimes referred to Internal Affairs)
  • The Crime Analyst and Public Information Officer (Zach Friend)
  • Two department administrative staff that serve the entire agency
Administration serves as the hiring authority for the agency, overseeing all of the employment applications, background checks, interviews and more. This function is overseen by Deputy Chief Rick Martinez. 

In addition,  the Administration Section holds Professional Standards. Professional Standards oversees all concerns, comments or even compliments that officers and the agency may receive. Professional Standards also maintains the legal updates to the policy manual and provides changes to policy as necessary (under the guidance of the Chief of Police).

Also within the Administration Section is the Crime Analyst/Public Information Officer (Zach Friend). This position is responsible for all crime trends, statistical reports, crime mapping, grants, community/governmental relations and more (such as predictive policing).

All of these positions work closely with Chief Kevin Vogel to implement the vision he has provided for the agency. Have a question for the chief? You can email the chief here.