December 28, 2012

New Years Eve Road Closures and Safety Enhancement Zone

As in previous years, the Police Department has enacted a Safety Enhancement Zone for the downtown corridor through the New Years Eve weekend.  The Safety Enhancement Zone provisions will start on Saturday December 29th at 5:00 PM and carry through until 5:00 Am on January 1st.  The Safety Enhancement Zone dictates TRIPLE FINES for certain Municipal Code violations.  Violations in the following Municipal Code Chapters are subject to the triple fines: 

Chapter 6.12 (Solid Waste)
Chapter 6.75 (Graffiti)
Chapter 9.12 (Possession of open containers or consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places)
Chapter 9.20 (Defacing sidewalks)
Chapter 9.28 (Discharge of firearms)
Chapter 9.36 (Noise control)
Chapter 9.50 (Conduct on public property)
Chapter 9.60 (Trespassing)
Chapter 10.12 (Traffic regulation obedience)
Chapter 10.16 (Traffic control device obedience)
Chapter 19.05.580 (Fireworks)
Chapter 10.40 (Vehicle, parking, standing and stopping) 

There will be a short City sponsored Countdown Celebration with a DJ, fireworks and light show at the Town Clock starting around 11:40 PM.  

Road closures will be in effect for Knight Street (behind the Town Clock) at 8:00 AM on December 31st.  The remainder of the streets surrounding the Town Clock will be closed at approximately 10:30 PM until the roadway can be cleared of pedestrians (approximately 12:45 AM). 

There are no other city sponsored or permitted events occurring during the evening. Any other events or parades are not permitted and illegal.  The Police Department cautions individuals from participating in any such events as they will not have Police or Public Works assistance in closing roads and ensuring safety of participants.  Additionally, organizers and participants will be subject to a citation.  Anyone wishing to hold an event for future years may contact the City's Event Coordinator to complete the appropriate permit and work with City staff to ensure a safe, responsible and legal event. 

The Police Department will have a strong concentration of officers on duty throughout the downtown corridor as well additional officers in the rest of the city.  Our hope is to facilitate a safe and enjoyable New Years Eve for all.  

Click on the link below for a map of the road closures and Safety Enhancement Zone
2012 New Years Eve Safety Enhancement Zone and Road Closures