August 22, 2013

A Great Afternoon with Oak Tree Villa

Here’s the best news of the month for us here at the Santa Cruz Police Department.

A few weeks ago, the amazing seniors at Oak Tree Villa in Scotts Valley got together and held a yard sale.  They raised $1,500.  They called on Monday and wanted to meet with us to donate the money to the families of Sergeant Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler.

Chief Kevin Vogel, Deputy Chief Steve Clark and Officer Joe Hernandez drove out to meet the group in our 1961 Chevy Biscayne classic police car.  They literally rolled out a red carpet for us as we drove in.

What a great afternoon we spent with these fine men and women.  We stayed and chatted with everyone and took photos with the big presentation check.

The Chief and Deputy Chief enjoy a laugh with Patricia Weiss

Deputy Chief Clark even toured several of them a ride around the lot in the classic police car, while Chief Vogel escorted them in and out of the car.  WHAT A BLAST!!!!

Francis Morrill gives a send-off to her friends

Bob Horton thoroughly enjoying the old siren during his ride

We are very honored by this generous gift.  We were also honored to spend time with amazing seniors and learn a little bit of their story.  We so enjoyed our time at Oak Tree Villa.  It was the best part of the month for us…..maybe even the last 6 months.

If you have some time to give….our recommendation is that you get to know the seniors in our community, they are great people with great stories!

Thank You Oak Tree Villa 
The great staff at Oak Tree Villa