August 29, 2013

Tough Night For Burglars - Three Arrested by Patrol Team

A great night for the graveyard patrol team means a tough night if you are a burglar.  With the help of alert neighbors…the patrol team scooped up three burglars last night all in different areas of town.

Burglar #1 – Noah Crisp

At about 2:10 in the morning, Mr. Crisp was out checking door handles on cars near Water and Market Street.  An alert citizen called in the activity and a description of Mr. Crisp.  Patrol officers found him hiding in some bushes a few block away.  Not only was Mr. Crisp checking car handles, he was also found in possession of burglary tools like bolt cutters and a red lens pen light.  Mr. Crisp is 39 years old and lists his address as transient.  He has a substantial history of contacts and arrests.  He had a warrant for his arrest and for theft related charges and is also on active probation for theft and burglary related charges.  Mr. Crisp was booked into county jail for his warrant, possession of burglar tools and for tampering with cars.

Burglar #2 – Brian Erdelyi

At about 4:45 in the morning, Mr. Erdelyi was contacted by the newest member of our department, Officer Nick Kramer. Mr. Erdelyi was causing a disturbance near Laurel and Chestnut.   In the contact, Mr. Erdelyi was found to be in possession of a lock pick and a meth pipe.    Mr. Erdelyi is 22 years old and lists his address as transient.  He is on active probation 3x over and has a significant history of arrests, mostly for drug related offenses.  Mr. Erdelyi was booked into County Jail for possession of burglary tools and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

Burglar #3 – Egmidio Anderson

At about 7:15 in the morning, neighbors called about a suspicious person on National Street.  Officers arrived and located Mr. Anderson.  Turns out, Mr. Anderson was in possession of a skateboard stolen from the neighborhood earlier that morning.  He was also hauling around a backpack with burglary tools like bolt cutters, wire cutters, gloves, flashlight.  Mr. Anderson is 31 years old and lists his address as transient.  He too has a long history of arrests for theft related charges.  He is a probation allstar as he is on active probation 5x over.

Mr. Anderson was in possession of a blue Peugeot bicycle with thin racing tires and a snazzy new seat.  Serial # Y00237217.  

We’re not convinced he owns the bike.  If you do, and can prove it, call our investigations unit (831) 420-5820.

Call us if you see these guys in your neighborhood....They are Burglars.

Thanks to our alert neighbors and calling in that suspicious activity….no telling how many victims you helped prevent!