August 30, 2013

Bike Recovered From Burglar Claimed by Owner

Remember This Guy

And This Bike..with the snazzy seat & tires

The guy in the picture is Egmidio Anderson.  He was arrested Thursday morning after skulking around a neighborhood on National Street.  He was found in possession of a stolen skateboard and he had a backpack with burglar tools.  He is also on probation 5x over for theft related charges.  He also had the pictured bike.  

The rightful owner of the bike claimed his bike from the police department today after seeing it on our blog.  He had proof of ownership and shared how the bike was stolen the day before.  Another case in point for registering your bicycle and not leaving it unlocked and unattended. 

Bike returned to owner.....another possession of stolen property charge for our suspect!  And the beat goes on......