December 11, 2013

City Council Honors Officer Ken Deeg in 2013 Jim Howes Community Service Award

Join us in congratulating Officer Ken Deeg as a recipient of the 2013 Officer Jim Howes Community Service Award.   

Ken was honored by the City Council on Tuesday for his work in addressing long-term problems in and around the Cowell’s Beach area.  

Ken is an 18 year veteran of the department and no stranger to taking on long-term problems and seeking collaborative solutions. 

In 2007, Council initiated the Jim Howes Community Service Award to honor city employees and community members who exemplify solution-oriented problem solving with caring, practicality, dedication, and professionalism.  The award was named after Jim as he set the standard in community care and dedication. We were honored to have Jim present today for the presentations. 
Jim Howes and Chief Vogel share a suspicious grin at your photographer
We are proud to have Officer Ken Deeg recognized for his efforts.  
Crystal Birns, Jim Howes, Michael Bethke, Bill "Doc" Christie (don't know how "Doc" got in the photo???) and Officer Ken Deeg
Congratulations also go to recipients Crystal Birns and Michael Bethke for their award today, as well.  Great work everybody.