December 11, 2013

Memorial Garden Plans to Honor Sergeant Baker and Detective Butler are Moving Forward

The Memorial Garden Site honoring Sergeant Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler is taking shape as our Parks and Rec team has cleared the slate readying the space for construction work. Here is the site the day following the tragic shooting:

Here is the site just a few weeks ago
Here it is today, ready for construction

The next step is to run wiring for the fountain and spot lights for the boulders.  The boulders will have a bronze plaque embedded honoring Butch and Elizabeth. Here are the boulders

After the wiring is complete we will begin construction of a front wall and planter box.  This is where the boulders and fountain will sit above the stone path.  The front of the wall will have a nice stone face and a shelf for those who still wish to leave flowers, etc. 

We are excited about the plans moving forward, and will keep you all updated as we move along. 

We have raised about $3,700 for the project, with $2,500 of that coming from the generous Take Back Santa Cruz donation. 

We are hoping to raise about $10,000 to complete construction and materials for the project.   Our goal is to have the site completed for dedication on the one year anniversary February 26, 2014. 

Donations are being handled through the Santa Cruz Police Officers Association.  Those wanting to donate can do so directly from their Website

or drop a check at the Police Department.