January 30, 2014

Memorial Garden Construction Update - Boulders Placed

Progress continues on the Memorial Garden. 

Our 2 ton boulders were set in place Wednesday by the good people at West Coast Cranes and Quilici Gardening.

Nothing like swinging a 2-ton boulder across the courtyard toward the Chief’s office!!!! I wasn't worried for a minute???

A special shout-out and thanks to Mike Tell and his team at Graniterock.  They provided these beautiful exotic jasper boulders for this project.  Mike is the most skilled forklift operator I have ever seen.  Mike has been great with helping us pick out the boulders (lifting, flipping, rolling, etc).

Additionally, the flagstone pathway was set in place. 

Next up…planting, irrigation and final setup of the fountain.  Peter Putt will also be installing the lighting that will spotlight the boulders at night.  Brinks Awards will install the brass plaques on the boulders and we’ll be good to go.

We are still fundraising to cover all the costs.  We haven’t seen the final invoices from some of our providers, but we’re hoping to raise about $10,000 more to cover all the costs.  Our local business partners have been GREAT with providing discounted or free service and materials.  We are so grateful to them.

If you want to donate, you can do so directly through the Santa Cruz Police Officer’s Association at www.santacruzpoa.com.