January 23, 2014

SCPD Blog Email Notification Feature Restored

If you are signed up to receive email updates when we post new content to our blog, you may have noticed that this feature has not been working.  We put our best "techno-geeks" on this and discovered both the reason why the updates were not being sent out, as well as a solution to the problem. 

If you are signed up to receive our email updates, you will begin receiving them again every time we post new content.  The updates are sent out once per day between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. whenever there is new content, however when there is no new content you will not receive an email.

If you would like to receive these email updates, you may do so by entering your email address in the "Follow By Email" box on the right side of our blog and click the "Submit" button.  You will receive an email response from us that you need to verify by clicking on the link within the email before we will start sending email notifications to you.  See, it's that easy!