March 25, 2014

Help Us Identify This Basketball Burglar

OK Sports Fans…Literally!

Take a break from trying to figure out what happened to your March Madness Bracket, and help us identify this burglar who broke into the Santa Cruz Warriors facility at the Kaiser Permanente Arena.  

He was kind enough to look at the camera and give us his own “highlight reel” video. 

Once inside, our burglar helped himself to Warriors practice apparel that is not for sale to the public.  In fact, he is wearing one of those jerseys in the photo. 

He took a rolling duffle bag with basketball shoes, T-shirts and shorts all belonging to the team.  He also took some cash and gift certificates while cruising around the concession area. 

Help us blow the whistle on this guy and let him know he has “fouled-out” of the game. 

If you recognize him or see some of the stolen property; give us a call, or drop an anonymous tip via our smartphone app, or Website.