March 14, 2014

Officer Recovering From Injuries After Attack

Thursday night around 11:15 PM, we responded to a report of a person causing a disturbance near the 200 block of Chico Avenue.    As our officer arrived, he found the individual who was the source of the complaint camping in a vacant lot.  The suspect is Jamie Allan Smith, 40 year old transient. 
As our officer approached to investigate, the suspect appeared from behind a tree swinging this weapon and striking the officer. 

At that point the fight was on.  Our officer was able to fight off the attack and wrestle the suspect to the ground.  The cavalry arrived in short order to assist in taking the suspect into custody.

Our officer is a 15 year veteran of the department.  He sustained some injuries in the attack that required treatment at Dominican Hospital.  The good team of doctors and nurses patched him up and after a week or so of recovery time, we are hopeful he will be back in the saddle.

The suspect, Mr. Smith has a bit of a history with us.  Based on his state of agitation and history, we are relieved no one in the community was injured trying to approach him.  He was booked for assault with a deadly weapon on the officer. 

Here's wishing a speedy recovery to our officer!!