June 12, 2014

June "Name That Thief" - Round 2

OK Contestants, you did so well with Round 1, you have qualified for Round 2.  

In this round we only have one suspect, but pictures from multiple locations.  

Officer Trevor Kendall is even offering to throw in a bag of SCPD's finest Station House Coffee, for the person that can identify our suspect.  

Here's your clues:

I steal things from cars.  I am particularly fond of credit and debit cards that I can use to charge a lot of things at Safeway and 7-11.  I am described as a white, male, 22-26 years old, blond or light brown buzz cut with a small build.   

I have even been known to carry a cigarette behind my ear doing my "Best James Dean".  (that was for you John Cougar Mellancamp fans)

As Always, you can contact our Investigations Unit with your tips, or use our Anonymous Tip Line at (831) 420-5995

You can also leave an anonymous tip via our Website at www.santacruzpolice.com, or our Smartphone App available for Apple and Droid.  And don't forget to collect your bag of coffee from Officer Kendall.