June 9, 2014

Welcome Officer Scott Freeman

Ladies and Gentlemen…….. (drumroll please!)

Introducing the newest member of the Santa Cruz Police Department…Officer Scott Freeman.
Today, Scott was sworn-in as a Police Officer, by Chief Kevin Vogel.    

Scott brings some solid policing skills and knowledge to our department.  Scott comes to us with just over 12 years of experience at the Scotts Valley Police Department where he worked as a training officer, detective, and team member for their SWAT. 

Scott is an Army veteran where he was a sergeant and served as a Special Agent for United States Counter-Intelligence. 

Scott and his family are grounded in the local community.  His wife Ann is an amazing English teacher at Scotts Valley High School…my kids & their friends say she’s “the bomb!” (that comment has nothing to do with finals being graded)  Thank God she doesn’t grade my blog posts!!

With Scott's hiring, the staffing situation continues to improve here at SCPD.  Over the past year we have hired 16 Police Officers.   We are currently up to full staffing +1 overfill (for anticipated retirements).  Those numbers include our 4 currently in the academy, and 8 that are currently out on long-term injuries.   

Please join us in welcoming Officer Scott Freeman to our SCPD family.