July 24, 2014

Big Donation to Help Local Kids From Krassow Foundation

Santa Cruz Police PRIDE Program and BASTA Receive $25,000 Donation from Randy and Janet Krassow, Owners of Santa Cruz Memorial 

 Randy and Janet Krassow are just two of the nicest "coolest" people you would ever want to meet.   If you were drafting a team of people to build your community, they are definite first round picks.  

This generous $25,000 donation comes from the foundation that Mr. Randy Krassow created with Santa Cruz Attorney, Larry Brenner.  Their private foundation was created to provide funding to local youth programs and organizations as well as youth scholarships.   

Mrs. Janet Krassow, is no stranger to reaching out to help kids in our community!  She was the Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Boys & Girls from 1993 until she retired in 2004.  Janet was particularly pleased to make this gift; she said of this gift; 

“PRIDE and BASTA are great programs that make a tremendous impact on the lives of our at-risk youth.  We are proud to have been associated with these programs for the past 6 years and see this gift as our opportunity to provide further support for these worthwhile programs.”

We couldn't agree more Janet!

Mr. Randy Krassow was excited that the donated funds would go directly to our local at-risk youth intervention and prevention programs.  Randy says, 

“I’m proud to support the programs and want to thank Deputy Chief of Police Rick Martinez and Bryan Wall, Retired County Office of Education Deputy Superintendent, for their leadership. I want to especially acknowledge and thank Santa Cruz Police Officer Joe Hernandez.  Joe brought the PRIDE program to my attention several years ago. He is committed to providing opportunities to our community’s youth and giving them the tools they need to succeed. Joe is an exemplary person and a credit to our Police Department.”

We'll add a hearty "Amen" to that Randy!

The P.R.I.D.E. program (Personally Responsible Individual Development in Ethics) is a 12 week prevention/intervention course for at risk youth ages 12 to 15.  It is designed to help young teens understand the impact of their current life choices upon their futures and aid them in their decision making processes, with the ultimate goal of assisting them onto a path toward a positive, successful life.  The harsh reality of negative choices and the personal success of positive choices is a theme stressed throughout the program.     

BASTA (Broad Based Supervision and Treatment Alternatives) is a countywide collaborative formed for the purpose of keeping schools and the community safe by reducing and preventing youth gang violence, school truancy, suspensions, expulsions, and alcohol and drug abuse. The BASTA Steering Committee will provide oversight and engage in problem-solving, strategies by addressing the issues brought forward by the BASTA Region 1 and Region 2 Operational Teams.

OK, we might have gone a little crazy with the name acronyms....but we're government and we can't help giving everything an acronym.  Bottom line....these are great programs that are making a difference and this donation is a great investment in our community!

Join us in giving a standing ovation and doing "the wave" for the Krassow family.