July 25, 2014

Great Patrol Work Takes a Stolen Gun Off The Street and Puts a Suspect In Jail

Our Officer was “Johnny On The Spot” early Wednesday morning as he was on patrol in the Downtown. 

Don’t let this photo fool you, Officer Cathrein (pronounced Kah-Train) has cat-like reflexes and Ninja skills!
Those skills resulted in the arrest of 20 year old Joshua Tomasian of Milpitas for possession of a loaded and stolen handgun, possession of cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. 
At about 1:30 in the morning, Officer Cathrein was driving south on Front Street near Soquel when the sounds of an argument caught his attention.  As he contacts one of the involved parties in a parking lot, he quickly realizes this is more than just a disagreement among gentlemen! 

The victim tells Officer Cathrein that three suspects confronted him and one of them brandished a handgun.  As Officer Cathrein is getting this information, the suspects are trying to flee in their car.

Not to be deterred, Officer Catherein gives chase and stops the car near Riverside and Broadway.    Since there was the possibility of weapons, we conducted a high-risk style car stop.  This is serious business, where we shut down traffic and the occupants of the getaway car are brought out at gunpoint. 

Inside the car was a loaded Sig Sauer .380 caliber handgun.  
Mr. Tomasian was identified as the suspect who brandished the handgun during the confrontation.  He was also found with cocaine in his possession. 

According to our suspect, he and his other two friends were here in Santa Cruz to visit friends and decided to take a drive to try and buy marijuana.  He and the victim couldn’t agree on how the sale would go down.  Somewhere in there, Mr. Tomasian decided it was a good idea to brandish his stolen handgun.  Of course, our victim knows nothing about a marijuana transaction, and he himself has a storied history of contact with our patrol staff.   

Turns out the gun was reported stolen out of Sunnyvale two weeks ago.  Mr Tomasian claimed he bought the gun on the streets of San Jose from some guy named “Paco”……Really???.....“Paco”.    

The two other car occupants were a 27 year-old from Fremont and an 18 year-old from San Jose.  There was nothing to charge them with, so they were questioned and released.  

Bottom Line….Outstanding work by Officer Cathrein and the rest of his patrol team!!!