July 28, 2014

Who's Cooler Than a Slurpee on a Hot Summer Day

 We are teaming up with our local 7–Eleven Stores® for “Operation Chill”.  This program promotes positive interactions and reinforce good behavior with the kids in our community during a non-enforcement contacts.    

Here’s How it Works: 

Courtesy of 7–Eleven, officers are hitting the streets with “Operation Chill” coupons.  When officers observe kids exhibiting good behavior, they can issue an “Operation Chill” coupon.  The coupons are good for a FREE small Slurpee® drink at any one of the four 7–Eleven Stores in the City of Santa Cruz.

Special thanks to each of these stores for participating in the program.  The locations are:

367 Ocean Street
218 Cardiff Place
602 Laurel Street
2429 Mission Street

Examples of behavior that will get a coupon are wearing safety helmets, observing traffic safety rules, good citizenship and good deeds, being “brave” after a traffic collision or other emergency event, etc. 

The officers enjoy having something positive to reward the kids, and the kids are as excited as this photo of Sergeant Jones on the cover of the Slurpee machine box when he was a kid.  
Coincidence.....we think not!!

For all you adults who are thinking about creative ways to pose as a kid to get your hands on one of these......just know, we're wise to your disguise!!

Since its inception in 1995, Operation Chill has allowed police departments to issue more than 12.5 million coupons, or “tickets” to kids in communities throughout the country.  That's a serious amount of Alienade and Berry Citrus Slam, or Mountain Dew Blue Shock!!!!  

The program has helped promote positive relationships while reinforcing good behavior and safety habits. 

The program will last for as long as the coupons do.  The coupons expire December 31, 2014.