September 30, 2014

Great Patrol Work Captures Suspect That Took Bike From a Backyard in Middle of the Night

Great patrol work by Officer Ben Whaley results in the arrest of a bike theft suspect and 2 of the suspect’s cohorts. 

While most of us are asleep comfortably in our homes, there is a whole crew of dedicated SCPD Officers working to keep the city safe and respond to your needs.  Officer Ben Whaley is one of those dedicated officers. 

Officer Whaley was called to take a bike theft report at 1:30 AM in the 900 block of Cayuga Street.  The victim was awakened by the sound of someone going through her backyard.  She caught a glimpse of the suspect taking her bicycle from the backyard and riding away. 

While Officer Whaley took the report, other officers circulated the area to no avail.  After completing the report, Officer Whaley kept an eagle eye for any suspicious looking characters out in the early morning hours. 

At about 2:20 AM, Officer Whaley spotted our suspect along with two of his drug-using cohorts in the Chevron lot at Ocean and Soquel.  They were at the Chevron putting air in the tire of the bicycle they had stolen just an hour before. 

Officer Whaley (and a few of his friends in blue) stopped our suspects in the Chevron lot.  Our suspect makes up a story about owning the bicycle and buying it a week and a half ago.  The bicycle had some distinctive features, so we knew his story was rated a solid “4 Pinocchio’s” on the liar scale. 

We called the victim and she shows up to positively ID her bicycle and provide pictures for proof.  Thanks to Officer Whaley, she gets her bike back which was otherwise doomed to a “rattle can” flat-black spray paint job. 

Turns out our suspect is (drumroll please)…….on Probation.  He has a long, long history of arrests with our department alone.  This makes his 4th arrest this year.  He is identified as

Gabriel (Gabe) Langan – 24 years old – Transient
Mr. Langan was arrested for Possession of Stolen Property, Theft, and Violation of Probation. 

Now for his two friends.

Mr. Donovan Dehart was in the company of Mr. Langan.   
Turns out he had a warrant for his arrest out of Campbell, CA for drug charges.  Not only that, but he was in possession of drug paraphernalia and heroin.  Mr. Dehart was promptly taken into custody and booked in jail. 

Mr. Caleb McGuire was also contacted with our suspects.   
Mr. McGuire is also on Probation.  He too, has a history of multiple arrests and this occasion memorialized his 4th arrest by SCPD this year.  Mr. McGuire was found in possession of drug paraphernalia.  He too was arrested. 

Great work by Officer Whaley and our brave victim.