September 29, 2014

Sandwich Suspect Submarined by Name That Thief

The case of the “Lunchbox Larceny”…..actually “Robbery” has been solved. 

Last week we posted this video
and photo
of our suspect who attempted to steal a sandwich from a downtown store.  When confronted, our suspect pulled a knife on store employees. 

An alert Sheriff’s Sergeant saw the photo and called in to identify him as Daniel Replogle
Mr. Replogle is 32 years old and transient in Santa Cruz.  He was located on Saturday on the 100 block of Coral Street and arrested for this robbery. 

For those that criticized the store and defended Mr. Repogle; rationalizing his behavior as just that of “a hungry man”……Well, not quite.  We take offense when you pull a knife on store clerks, or anyone for that matter!!! 

That was a robbery and you should know Mr. Replogle has a long history of arrests dating back to 2003 for offenses such as drugs, prescription meds without a prescription, theft, and possession of stolen property.  In fact, he has been arrested by our agency 5 times this year alone, and….he is on Probation! 

Officers recovered the knife he used in the brandishing, and also recovered a credit card that does not belong to him.  We’ll be following up on that part of this, as well.   

Thanks to our alert and knowledgeable friends at the Sheriff's Office for the assist on this one.