September 10, 2014

Outstanding Patrol Work Catches Neighborhood Car Burglar

When Officer Jesse Pidcock came to us from Scotts Valley PD, we knew we were getting an Officer with solid policing skills.  Jesse showed off those skills early Monday morning catching a car burglar in a West side neighborhood. 
Officer Pidcock (Middle) Taking Oath of Office With Officers Gomez (Left) and Whaley (Right)
On September 8th at about 0120 hours (that’s “police talk” for early morning 1:20 AM), Officer Pidcock was patrolling through the 200 block of Sheldon.  He took note of a bicyclist riding past him at this early morning hour and continued to patrol through the neighborhood.

As he kept his eagle eye out, Officer Pidcock noticed a dome light on inside a car parked in a driveway.   Upon checking the car, he noticed the door was ajar and the glove box ransacked.  As he continued to check the neighborhood he found yet another car with the dome light on and door ajar. 

At this point he is focused on finding the bicyclist that passed him just a few minutes ago.  Officer Pidcock uses his best prowling/sleuthing skills and surprises the bicyclist at High Street and Highland Ave.  He stops the bicyclists and the investigation is underway.    

Our suspect is….you guessed it, on Probation for possession of stolen property.   A search of our suspect reveals a CPR bag, coins and binoculars.  Officer Pidcock sends Officer Nick Kramer back to contact the occupants of the homes where he found the dome lights on.  Guess what.....all of those items the suspect had were taken from a car on in the neighborhood. 

Our suspect, Mr. Eric Neff is arrested and the stolen property returned to the victim. 

Eric Neff - 46yrs, Transient
Mr. Neff has a long, long history of contacts and arrests by SCPD.  In 2014 alone we have arrested him 5 times and issued him 5 cites. 

Outstanding work by Officer Jesse Pidcock!!!  We are proud to have him on our team.